Advisory Board

Philip Goodell, Ph.D.
Dr. Philip Goodell is currently an associate professor of geology at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), where he has been in residence since 1975 and has successfully sponsored 26 M.S. and 19 Ph.D. candidates. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Dr. Goodell has wide-ranging experience in the mining industry and has consulted for St. Joe Minerals, Exxon Minerals, Chevron Minerals Corporation, Cameco Corp., MAG Silver Corp., and Energy Metals, Inc., among other companies. Dr. Goodell holds a B.S. in solid state physics (1964) from Yale University and an M.S. in geology (1966) and a Ph.D. in geology (1970) from Harvard.

Joseph Harrington, Advisor
Mr. Harrington serves as the Vice President of Business & Strategic Development with Alexco Enviromental Group, he previously served as the CEO and Founder of Green World Science, and the patent inventor of the heavy metals immobilization treatment technology now owned by Alexco Resource Corp. Prior to his role at Alexco, Mr. Harrington was the Vice President of the mining and metals business for ARCADIS, conducted research and development for controlled release fertilizers, fuel ethanol, phosphate mineral processing and bioremediation technologies for the J.R. Simplot Company. Mr. Harrington previously served on the advisory board of Energy Metals Corporation.

While at Green World Science Inc., Mr. Harrington implemented the treatment of the Sweetwater Uranium Pit Lake for Kennecott Uranium Company, part of the Rio Tinto Group. This treatment program resulted in the non-coal award for Excellence in Reclamation for 2001 by the State of Wyoming, and attained stringent targets for restoration of the lake water quality including the surrounding aquifer.
Mr. Harrington presently leads the cleanup of the Globe Smelter in north Denver, addressing groundwater contamination (arsenic, cadmium, selenium and zinc) which had impacted the South Platte River. The Globe site was removed from the NPL (Superfund) list by the United States EPA in December 2014 due to the successful cleanup approach.

Mr. Harrington also manages the in-place remediation of the Cotter Schwartzwalder Mine pool, successfully reducing uranium, molybdenum and selenium by more than an order of magnitude within the mine pool within 4 months of project approval, and decreasing source loading. Mr. Harrington has gained more than a dozen Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits from the United States EPA for in-situ treatment or groundwater restoration projects. Mr. Harrington has successfully negotiated regulatory approvals for innovative treatment (in-situ) approaches at CERCLA/Superfund sites in South Carolina, South Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Arizona.

Mr. Harrington graduated summa cum laude from the University of Idaho in 1996 with majors in Chemistry and Microbiology and completed his graduate work at the University of Idaho in 1998 in Metallurgical Engineering.